Degree pathways

University Access Courses


An Alternate Degree Pathway to University by Onsite, Distance Learning or Blended Learning

There are many pathways to university which do not require the completion of the ‘A’ levels or its equivalent (e.g. the International Baccalaureate, NVQs, etc.). We call these University Access Courses.

Warnborough College offers a fast-track degree foundation pathway for Business students to graduate from UK and overseas universities. This is done by Onsite, Distance Learning  or Blended Learning options to allow flexibility to meet the needs of the student. All university access qualifications are through UK awarding bodies.

Warnborough College benefits:

  • It can shorten the time to achieve a Bachelors or MBA degree.
  • It is affordable.
  • Specialise in business and management immediately.
  • Receive a qualification at each stage (as opposed to only one from a university).
  • Begin your university pathway at any stage.
  • You can start Distance Learning anytime (no visas required).
  • Less expensive than studying the whole degree directly at a university.
  • Get a recognised Ofqual qualification at each level.
  • Full academic supportuniversity and career advice available throughout the programme.

How does it work?

ATHEThe graphic below shows you how a student can progress from GCSEs through to a university degree, and the associated cost comparisons. Bear in mind that the Warnborough College programs include ALL study texts and case studies so there is no need to buy any additional textbooks. All awards are awarded by the ATHE, an Ofqual-approved body.

Warnborough College University Pathway Comparison

Warnborough College University Pathway Comparison


Offered Programmes


Yes, you can enrol at Warnborough Intensive School of English (WISE). Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge examinations with excellent results is available. One-to-One lessons and/or small classes options are available.