Warnborough College University Access Courses - foundation degree pathway

New University Access Pathway

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new university access courses. Not only do they save you plenty of time and money, they go straight to the heart of business subjects.

The new university access options allow students to bypass the A Levels or International Baccalaureate examinations, replacing these with the Level 3 University Foundation Diploma in Business Management. Motivated students can do the program in only 6 months, as opposed to 2 years.

Likewise, the Level 4 replaces first year of University, Level 5 replaces second year, and so on.

Students can choose between doing the whole thing online (with unlimited tutor support) or come and take classes at Warnborough College in Canterbury.  You can even choose a ‘blended’ form of learning where you do most of the studies online but with some face-to-face sessions.

We are so excited about this program that we have even created a separate website to explain the benefits of this.

Hike up your heels and head to http://www.degreepathways.co.uk

Warnborough College University Pathway Comparison

Warnborough College University Pathway Comparison