German internship participants from Hanse Berufskollege at Warnborough College in Canterbury

Competency-Based Education (CBE) for Germans

Eleven students from Hanse Berufskolleg Europaschule in Lemgo, Germany completed a 3-week internship at Warnborough College in Canterbury. The group were placed in study-work related jobs in Canterbury, which also helped them to improve their English and communication skills.  This was a competency-based education (CBE) experience. The students had to keep a journal throughout the programme, as well as a photo and video diary. They met regularly with their teachers to discuss their ‘achievements’ and any areas of concern.

They were guided by their two teachers from Germany and mentors at Warnborough. On their last day, each student gave an impressive presentation about their work internship and outcomes followed by videos of their day-to-day progress.  For their achievements, they received a Certificate of Participation.  A farewell lunch was held at the local pub.

The students liked Canterbury and their experience very much, stating that they would never forget the experience they have had. With its dynamic student atmosphere, cosmopolitan outlook, historical buildings, museums, art galleries and sports facilities, Canterbury is the ideal and safe location for student-work programs. Warnborough College has been a champion of practicums in conjunction with academic work so that students are exposed to the realities of working, and can draw upon their knowledge to apply this in meaningful work.

The partnership with Hanse Berufskolleg is expanding to include opportunities for teachers and staff to avail of training in Canterbury. Nina Kawai-Hopson, Warnborough Projects Manager, said that she was very impressed with the group and their enthusiasm to make the most of their three week “working, living and exploring adventure”.