Teacher Training courses at Warnborough College

Teacher Training

Boost your creativity and design lessons which are engaging, fun and effective!

Warnborough College offers teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) a unique programme that challenges their own boundaries. Over 2 weeks, teachers will look at effective tools and techniques for teaching grammar, vocabulary, and language concepts, to non-native English speakers.

Teacher training at Warnborough CollegeThe programme is designed to be both fun and educational. Teachers will leave with a more in-depth appreciation of the English language and how to teach it, while enjoying beautiful Canterbury and the English culture.

Our teaching approach is interactive and lively, with many opportunities for teamwork and leadership exercises. There will be opportunities to observe classes, participate in workshops, and go on excursions.

The programme covers:

  • How to effectively ‘sell’ English to your target audience
  • How to command attention and generate interest from the first lesson
  • Creativity – where does it come from?  Using creativity to stimulate learning
  • Unusual grammar practice ideas  – inspirational and unusual grammar in use
  • Language games and practice activities to make learning fun
  • Drama, role play and simulation – how to create interactive learning
  • Great ways to exploit your course book
  • Creative approaches to songs and music and how to make them work for you
  • Identifying and creating your own materials

Teacher training at Warnborough CollegeThis programme is ideal for potential teachers (and also experienced practitioners) who want to add to their arsenal of classroom techniques, receive feedback from other professionals and enrich their own creativity. Also, non-native English speakers who teach English overseas will find this programme invaluable to enhance their knowledge and effectiveness.

How You Will Learn

Timetable: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Lessons may incorporate lectures, seminars, workshops, site visits/excursions and project work including teaching practice.

Teacher training at Warnborough CollegeWhat is Included:

  1. Welcome Pack
  2. Airport Transfers (Return)
  3. Accommodation (single room)
  4. All relevant study materials and Portfolio Pack
  5. 2-Days Activities Learning Projects: Training, Leadership and Team building workshops
  6. Learning Activities Fees
  7. Farewell Dinner Party
  8. Certificate of Completion

Warnborough College will only accept the bookings if the following conditions are met:

  • Participants MUST start on the fixed dates as stated, and complete the entire two-week programme.
  • Strict Observation of Participant Agreement, to safely manage the programme, observation of the Participant Agreement is required. Please note that any breaches of agreement may result in a participant being excluded from the Programme.
  • Participants MUST take out their own insurance.

This is for Group Bookings only (Minimum 3 participants in the group).

How Much Do I Pay?

Teacher training at Warnborough CollegeThe price for individual participant bookings is £2980.00 per person per two weeks. Minimum 3 participants in the group. Total of Group Payment is to be sent in Pounds Sterling (£) by bank transfer made out to Warnborough College. All bookings require 10% of fees as a non-refundable deposit. Companies who send more than two participants will be entitled to a discount – please contact us for more information.

The balance of fees for EU Participants are due 2 weeks before the start date. All Payment have to be paid 2 weeks before starting a course. Bookings made after this date will require the full fee up front.

The balance of fees for Non-EU Participants who need visa letter are due to 6 weeks before the start date and will require the full fee up front.

Places cannot be guaranteed after this date.

All training workshops are specially customised according to client requirements. If you wish to have more information, please send an email to: info@wise-english.com

Teacher training at Warnborough CollegeEnjoy your 2 weeks with Teaching Practice, Leadership and Team Building Workshop with Warnborough College WISE English.